Participating in HomeFront Strong


Are you the spouse or partner of a Post-9/11 service member or veteran?

Join us for In-Person Groups or a Web-based Program!

HomeFront Strong is an 8-week resiliency program designed specially for military/veteran spouses or partners. HomeFront Strong focuses on skills to help build positive relationships and new strategies for self-care and coping. A resiliency program for children and teens is also offered for families participating in the in-person groups.

  • HomeFront Strong is free of charge and is open to spouses or partners of post-9/11 service members or veterans.
  • Participants can receive up to $140 for completing evaluations of the program.
  • The in-person groups also include a free weekly meal and an optional Children’s Resiliency Program for children and youth ages 0-17.
  • Participation is currently only available in Michigan, with groups starting soon in Ann Arbor, Flint, Pontiac, Lansing, and Grand Rapids.

Contact us today for more information! Please call (734) 998-5849 or email

This study is approved through University of Michigan. IRB approval #: HUM00090712 (Expires 11/28/18) PI: Michelle Kees, PhD