HomeFront Strong

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HomeFront Strong: Resiliency Group for Military Spouses

HomeFront Strong is an 8-week resiliency group for military spouses or partners experiencing distress associated with deployment. The group is open to individuals at any point in the deployment cycle. HomeFront Strong focuses on building social support and positive relationships, learning new approaches to self-care, connecting to resources, and promoting resiliency and positive coping. The importance of “meaning making” and the personal story each person has about their deployment experiences is highlighted, with an emphasis on re-authoring one’s story to reduce distress and improve marital and family relationships. A simultaneous children’s program is also offered for participating families. This 8-week group is designed to help spouses/partners prepare for, cope with, or rebound from the challenges of a military deployment.

  • Open to military spouses/partners across deployment (pre, during, or post)
  • Up to $100 offered for Group Completion and Program Evaluations
  • Free meal and child care during sessions

Please call Jodi Bachrach at (734) 998-5849 for more information.


This study is approved through University of Michigan. IRB approval #: HUM00050201 (Expires 1/6/2016) PI: Michelle Kees, PhD 

For more information on any M-SPAN Military Family Programs, please contact m-spanprograms@umich.edu.