Data Collection

Conjoint Needs Assessment Study:

Our team collected over 1400 surveys from National Guard Soldiers and their significant others at Reintegration Weekends, held 45-90 days following the Soldiers’ return from overseas deployments. Surveys asked approximately 900 soldiers about their current levels of well-being, deployment experiences, mental health symptoms, substance use, physical and mental health related functioning, parenting and work functioning, treatment use, and other issues. Significant others were also asked about well-being, treatment use, and functioning.

Several papers have been published from this effort, including papers on: 1) the development of the Academic–National Guard service and research partnership, 2) the development of the peer outreach program, Buddy-to-Buddy, 3) alcohol use and treatment among returning Soldiers, and 4) employment among returning service members. Two additional papers on PTSD, depression, alcohol use, and family and marital functioning are under review.

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Veterans Affairs Health Services Research and Development Funded Study:

Study team members have also been funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs Health Services Development and Research Service to conduct an evaluation of the BuddytoBuddy program and other outreach programs in the Michigan Army National Guard. This study will field surveys to over 2,000 National Guard Soldiers at 6 and 12 months after they return from deployments and will assess program implementation, factors associated with adoption of the program, and the outcomes of Soldiers in contact with the program. This project will be ongoing through 2013. Study results are expected to inform modifications in this peer outreach program and to inform dissemination efforts in other State National Guard Organizations.