Buddy-to-Buddy Program 2018 Year in Review

The Buddy-to-Buddy 2018 Year in Review report is ready! Many thanks to the outstanding volunteer veterans who are the heart and soul of the program and who made 2018 an outstanding year. Highlights from the report:

  • 132 Active Veteran Peers
  • 627 Service Members and Veterans assisted
  • 429 Outreach events attended
  • 30,490 Volunteer and staff miles traveled
  • 43 Volunteer professional development and training calls
  • 36% of volunteers served during the Post-9/11 era, 12% during Peacetime, 24% during the Gulf War era, 26% during the Vietnam era, and 1% during the Korean War era
  • 59% of volunteers served in the Army, 21% in the Navy, 10% in the Marine Corps, and 10% in the Air Force
  • 83% of volunteers are male, 17% are female
  • Buddy-to-Buddy volunteers served an average of 9.1 years in the military, and have been volunteers with the program for an average of 3.4 years.

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