University of Oregon Receives $12K Gift from Goodwill Industries to Support PAVE Program On Its Campus

Photo of University of Oregon PAVE Program team receiving a $12,000 check from Goodwill IndustriesCongratulations to Peer Advisors for Veteran Education (PAVE) program partner campus University of Oregon! The UO PAVE team secured a $12,000 gift from Goodwill Industries to support the program on their campus.

“This generous gift from Goodwill represents the latest step in our partnership to help student veterans,” said Maria Kalnbach, the UO’s Coordinator for Nontraditional and Veteran Student Engagement and Success. “Our shared goal is helping veterans navigate college life and succeed—while they’re UO students and after they graduate. We’re very grateful for Goodwill’s support, and I’m excited to see the impact of this investment on our student veterans and the university.”

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