Does Buddy-to-Buddy offer any direct services to veterans, such as emergency financial assistance, rides to medical appointments, benefit claims review, or counseling?
The program does not offer any direct services to veterans. We connect service members and veterans who need assistance with one of our Volunteer Veterans who can identify appropriate resources and refer the individual to a point of contact there.

Is the Buddy-to-Buddy Program available anywhere in Michigan?
Yes. The program has volunteers located across the state of Michigan, in both the Lower and Upper Peninsulas. To provide assistance, the program connects a service member or veteran who needs assistance with a volunteer who lives close by or, if the soldier is active with the National Guard, with a volunteer who is assigned to their unit/armory.

Where are Buddy-to-Buddy volunteers located?
The program has volunteers at almost all MIARNG armories, as well as other military installations. Volunteers also attend veteran-related community events. Volunteers with special expertise in areas such as law or benefits are another component of our volunteer corps. For questions on where or how you can be in touch, please contact us at buddytobuddyvvp@umich.edu.

Is there a program similar to Buddy-to-Buddy in states other than Michigan? How can I bring Buddy-to-Buddy to my state?
Peer support programs in Illinois and West Virginia have been modeled on Buddy-to-Buddy. For questions regarding starting the program in your state, please email us at buddytobuddyvvp@umich.edu, and our leadership will be in contact with you.

I would like to make a donation to Buddy-to-Buddy. How do I go about doing that?
Thank you for considering making a donation to the program! We truly appreciate your support.

To make a donation online, please visit www.giving.umich.edu/give/mspan and click on “M-SPAN Buddy-to-Buddy Program– 318662.”

To make a gift by phone, please contact Lisa Fabian, Associate Director of Development, University of Michigan Depression Center, at (734) 763-4895 or fabianl@umich.edu.

To make a gift by mail, please send checks to the following address:

Michigan Medicine Office of Development
Attn: Buddy-to-Buddy (318662)
1000 Oakbrook Dr. #100
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

(Note: Please make checks payable to UM Depression Center, M-SPAN and use the Memo line on your check to designate “Buddy-to-Buddy 318662” as the gift recipient.)

I would like to have someone from the program speak at an event. Who should I contact?
If your organization is organizing a community or veteran-specific event in Michigan, we would be happy to have one of our program staff or one of our volunteers set up a Buddy-to-Buddy table or make a presentation. Please contact us at buddytobuddyvvp@umich.edu with more details.

I would like to have some Buddy-to-Buddy brochures and flyers in my office. Who should I contact to obtain some?
Please email us at buddytobuddyvvp@umich.edu with your contact information and we will be happy to send you Buddy-to-Buddy program materials.

Where is the Buddy-to-Buddy Program central office?
Our office is located at 2025 Traverwood, Suite C, Ann Arbor, MI, 48105.