B2B Final #s Infographic

Our former program Buddy-to-Buddy, which we developed in 2008 and operated until the end of 2019, has a new home with the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency! We’re excited to once again see how Michigan’s dedicated and passionate veterans help one another via the power of peer support. If you are a Michigan veteran interested in supporting service members and fellow veterans and linking them to needed resources, visit MVAA’s website to learn more.

For more than 10 years, M-SPAN’s Buddy-to-Buddy Volunteer Veterans assisted over 6,000 Michigan service members and veterans with issues including mental health, financial, employment, housing/homelessness, and access to VA benefits and claims. The M-SPAN team thanks the hundreds of Volunteer Veterans who powered the program over the years and worked tirelessly to improve the lives of fellow veterans. It was an honor to work with this group of amazing volunteers and we thank them for their selfless service.