How to become a PAVE Partner Campus via licensing

We are excited to continue to expand to additional schools!

Selection criteria

In order to ensure that the schools selected are the right fit for the program, we have established the following criteria:

  1. Student veteran leadership buy-in to implement peer support on their campus
  2. Campus administration support for the PAVE program
  3. Staff and student capacity to implement PAVE
  4. Ability to identify and connect with incoming student veterans

Additionally, we evaluate factors such as existing student veteran services and programming on campus, how active the SVA chapter or student veteran group is, and potential strengths and barriers to implementation.

Terms of partnership

Schools selected to become PAVE Partner Campuses must agree to the following:

  • Attend a 1-day virtual training in January 2023. Participants would include:
    • Student Veteran selected as the PAVE Team Leader
    • Veteran Services Coordinator who will implement and sustain the PAVE program on your campus
    • (optional) University Champion (Assistant Dean, or comparable administrator from the Office of Student Affairs, Faculty Mentor, or Counselor from University Counseling Services)
  • Sign a brief contract with the University of Michigan that outlines the scope of the program, cost, and terms of use
  • Agree to keep track of the number of student veterans who get services through the program, the concerns they identify, and the school resources used
  • Be willing to secure arrangements with on and off campus resources for student veterans

Licensing fees

Cost for Year 1: $8,500
Cost for Year 2 and each subsequent year: $5,500

Application & selection process

The first step in the process is to apply at the link below. Applications for launching the program in Winter 2023 are now being accepted. If you would like to learn more about the program and the implementation process prior to filling out the application, please contact the PAVE National Team at

We anticipate follow-up phone conferences will be scheduled with applicants who meet the initial screening criteria so we can further discuss the program and answer any questions. We will notify applicants of our decision after the application deadline. Then we will begin working with new partner campus teams to prepare for launching the program in Winter 2023.