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Hear what PAVE team members at our Partner Campuses are saying…

Blue graphic with white text that reads "The PAVE program allows us to pass on that information of our experience and allows me to give the tools for students to be successful immediately, without wandering around like I once did. --Peer Advisor"
Blue graphic with white text that reads: "Camaraderie is important in our culture. The PAVE program gives veteran students an opportunity to continue that culture after their service; that alone can have a positive impact on retention and persistency. --Veteran Services Coordinator"
Blue graphic with white text that reads" PAVE had made a critical different to a number of student veterans, and the support they've received has made a difference in their decisions to stay in higher education. --Team Leader"
Blue graphic with white text that reads: "Some veterans can hit the ground running and do well in the university environment, but there are still those who have a hard time transitioning from military life. It is great to have PAVE there to bridge that gap or attempt to help those who are struggling. --Team Leader"
Blue graphic with white text that reads: "The concept behind PAVE isn't new, it's what we did in the military. You assign a sponsor to the new troops and that is what we come to expect. So coming to a university and receiving that same type of connection is comforting. --Veteran Services Coordinator"
Blue graphic with white text that reads: "Some campuses, such as my community college, did not have a clear communication process for military affiliated student. I was nearly done with my first year before I learned that there were people there to help me with my specific needs. With PAVE, we are reaching out to students during their first week of classes and letting them know who we are and how we are available as a resource to them. --Peer Advisor"

Will Kerkstra
Former Peer Advisor at University of Michigan
Marine Corps Veteran

Katrina Browning and Samm Gillard
Former Team Leader and Peer Advisor at University of Maryland
Air Force Veteran and Army Veteran

Johnson County Community College PAVE Team 
(From the KPCT YouTube Channel)