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March 2017 Team Leader of the Month: Will Rozman, Colorado Mesa University

Photo of WillWill Rozman is the Team Leader of the month! His consistent and reliable performance at Colorado Mesa University led to this award. He has done a remarkable job juggling the various responsibilities of a Team Leader, particularly in the very early stages of launching PAVE on his campus. Will spent 15 years in the Air Force as an Electronic Warfare Technician fixing computers on airplanes. He is now studying engineering and, once he completes his studies, plans to work on designing and engineering the same types of aircraft systems he formerly maintained. He believes that PAVE is a way for him to use his experience as a student veteran to help fellow veterans transition from the military and attain their educational goals.

Will has enjoyed meeting so many student vets through his work on PAVE. His biggest challenge has been finding ways to get the student veterans at Colorado Mesa more involved in campus life. Will says that being a Team Leader is a very rewarding experience, and that “The ability to help student vets go and find the person or help they need—that ability is going to help me in the future.” Thank you for all you’re doing, Will!