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January 2018 Team Leader of the Month: Zane Lovelace, Oklahoma State University

Photo of Zane Our Team Leader of the Month is Oklahoma State University’s Zane Lovelace ! Zane was nominated by his co-Team Leader, Cassandra Gillinger, who says, ““He is always trying to do stuff to make our program better. He makes sure we know what is going on at all times. He always makes time to answer our questions.” To this we can add that Zane has been a great team player and Team Leader at OSU since he came on board. Always eager to get things done, Zane does a top-notch job supporting his Peer Advisors and helping create a greater sense of community on campus.

Zane served in the Navy for four years, working as an airman and tower supervisor aboard the USS John C. Stennis. After separating, he attended school for a while but didn’t have the most positive experience then because he didn’t know anyone around him. When he went back to school years later at OSU to study philosophy, he jumped at the opportunity to join PAVE and serve as a Team Leader because he wanted to “be there for people just getting out of the military and tell them to keep in their head in the game, and to show them all of the resources they have.” Zane values the opportunity to develop his empathy and listening skills working as a Team Leader, adding, “It’s been really cool to see them [student veterans] come and in, and just to talk to them, and share their experience.” Keep up the great work, Zane!