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January 2021 Team Leader of the Month: Adam Dryden, Western Oregon University

Photo of Adam DrydenFrom Colin Haines, Veteran Resource Center Director: “Prior to becoming a Peer Advisor and Team Leader, I loved having Adam under my employ as a work study. Whenever something needs to get done, Adam can drop whatever he is currently occupied with and get the job done and done well. This makes him a fantastic advisor because student veterans feel empowered and validated when Adam makes their concerns his top priority until they are resolved. This quality also makes Adam a great Team Leader because he expects the same level of service from the Peer Advisors who serve under him. A student concern will not blow up under Adam’s watch because he sees that they are addressed immediately, thoroughly, and compassionately, and always follows up with students to make sure that the plan has continued to work. Adam is in his second and final year as a Team Leader and he will be a tough act to follow, but there is no need to worry since he will be leaving behind a well-oiled program. Adam and I worked together to establish the PAVE program here at WOU and I can say without hesitation that the program would not be nearly as far along as it is today without his hard work, diligence, and genuine concern for the academic and holistic well-being of his fellow student veterans.”

From Adam Dryden: “I am incredibly proud of my team for being incredibly flexible during these interesting times we live in. They have been extremely proactive in their pursuit of advising and fostering a great environment for outreach and interaction. Our efforts here at WOU have been extremely impactful, so much so that our PAVE team was interviewed by the university’s newspaper. This interview spread the word of our PAVE team, which is incredibly amazing for our small team. My favorite part about being a Team Leader is leading a small group of people who are excited to work with veterans, guardsmen, and dependents in any capacity. It excites me to work with these individuals who really care. My success as a Team Leader is made possible by their success, determination, and knowledge on resolving the variety of issues that they encounter.”