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February 2021 Team Leader of the Month: Tania Roa, California State University, Fullerton

Photo of Tania Roa From Alex Ortega, Educational Access Coordinator at CSUF: “Tania Roa has done an amazing job with the program development side of PAVE. This is her second and final semester as a Team Leader and within these last two semesters she has really created a culture that will last for many years to come. Tania has created a new team member orientation for all new Peer Advisors. The orientation includes new and returning PA introductions, which include a fun ice breaker that immediately builds rapport with the new members, a slide on the program overview, the PAVE pillars, the chain of command and how the support pillars work, a slide on the PA’s duties and responsibilities, a thorough breakdown of the PAVE website and how to navigate the note taking section, and a list of “important dates” for upcoming events. In addition to the new member slide show, Tania has also created a living, breathing S.O.P ( a training manual of sorts).”

“Tania has also assisted in coordinating the new Peer Advisors receiving a cell phone from the campus IT department to ensure they have adequate communication with their assigned peers. Tania has also coordinated a campus tour for the new PAs and a detailed breakdown of on-campus resources. She is also in the process of updating our VRC website so that PAVE can have its own page that will display the videos of the University Champion, VSC, TL, and PAs, in the hopes new sign ups can get to know their peers a little bit better. Words don’t do all the amazing work she has done justice. She has been a pleasure to work alongside. One thing I rest easy about is that our student veterans will receive the best care possible.”

From Tania Roa: “Our team at CSUF is small right now but we are motivated and hardworking. We are limited to how we interact with our peers but I am proud of the connections we have built through online platforms such as texting, phone calls, and even online gaming. We are making plans to have virtual socials and online volunteer opportunities with other organizations. There is always a conversation about how we can create an environment of support as we transition into hybrid forms of learning. I am confident that the PAVE team at CSUF will always have the drive and motivation to build camaraderie amongst the team and peers. During the semester I meet with each teammate one on one to ask about how they are handling their semester, home life, and goals. These moments have become one of my favorite parts about being a Team Leader. This team gives so much of themselves and I think it is important to pour into them. It has been a privilege to assist with building this team and an honor to work alongside them.”