October 2021 Peer Advisor of the Month: Gregory Legister, Olympic College

Photo of Gregory Legister

From Tatiane Simons, Military and Veteran Programs Transition Manager: “Gregory goes above and beyond to connect with his PAVE veteran students, sending frequent emails and text messages. He has also stepped up to offer front line support in our MVP Support Center by helping new, returning, and current students understand and navigate their VA Education Benefits. He consistently looks for opportunities to engage with students outside the scope of his work-study position.”

From Gregory Legister: “I think having people who are willing to be a source of information and assistance makes the college experience more manageable for students. I know when I first started, it was helpful to have people who were willing to be of help. So, I think extending the helping hand to new students will give them a sense of support that it is available to them if they should need it. My favorite part of being a Peer Advisor is finding helpful information and then passing that on to students. Sometimes you can be so focused on classes that you don’t have time to find all the resources that may be of help to you, and especially if you are just starting out and you don’t know where to look.”