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November 2021 Peer Advisor of the Month: Taylor Litke, Western Oregon University

Image of Taylor Litke

From Dennis Long, Team Leader: “Taylor is a wonderful advisor, as he checks in every two weeks with his assigned student veterans and always keeps the team up to date on any changes! He is also a great addition to the staff team for the Veterans Resource Center this year. He has been working on several projects including: building a training guide for staff/Peer Advisors, helping with event planning/marketing, and so much more.”

From Taylor Litke: “Peer advising helps fellow student veterans because it can take some of the mystery out of the experience. When you enter the situation of school, there are so many things you don’t know. For many of these things, you don’t even know who to ask. When you do go about asking for information and help, you often get non-answers and run-around. It can be very discouraging, and leave you with that mystery. Since all student veterans have an advisor assigned to them, hopefully they see and understand that there is at least one person who they can ask general questions to. I like being able to actually interact with student veterans and share my experience with them. When I first started attending school, I luckily had a friend who was already attending the same school, who I was able to ask my 50 questions to. This is why it is satisfying to me to answer these same questions for students who don’t happen to have that available.”