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February 2022 Peer Advisor of the Month: Hope Williams, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

University of North Carolina at Charlotte's Peer Advisor, Hope Williams

From Tyler Thomas, VA Certifying Official at UNCC: “Hope has been pivotal in establishing our program at UNC Charlotte. She has assisted a student veteran above and beyond expectations given their unique circumstances and is directly responsible for the student’s readmittance to the school. Hope’s persistence and ability to connect the student to resources on and off campus has made a significant improvement in the student’s quality of life and ability to navigate the world of higher education.”

From Hope Williams: “As a Peer Advisor I think it truly benefits the student veterans I work with as a more relaxed resource on campus. Because we act more as a peer and friend versus an actual employee on campus, I think it makes talking and opening up to us a whole lot easier on the student veterans rather than going to an employee on campus who might not understand their situations as well. Also as Peer Advisors, we act as a direct connection on campus, which helps student veterans feel more connected to the school itself and actually a part of the student body. I love the fact that I am meeting so many new people along the way. Getting to know my fellow student veterans and learning about their experiences and becoming a trusted friend to them is an incredible experience. It’s also a major learning experience for me because as I connect them with resources and help them through situations, I learn more about what I personally can utilize on campus and new resources that I can send to other student veterans that have similar situations.”