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September 2022 Peer Advisor of the Month: Jared Morgan, University of the Incarnate Word

Image of University of the Incarnate Word Peer Advisor, Jared Morgan

From Phillip Rangel, Team Leader, University of the Incarnate Word: “Jared joined the UIW PAVE Team in September 2021, and ever since he has been nothing but attentive with his advisees and responsibilities. He has an engaging personality which is an attractive characteristic that student veterans feel comfortable with when interacting. Jared was a PAVE student himself, and this is what attracted him to become an advisor. He felt it important to reciprocate the assistance and the experience he has gained from the help he had received as an advisee. Though he has an extremely busy schedule with his schoolwork, and personal and professional life, he finds the time to participate in UIW PAVE and SVA events. He is a great ambassador. He would fill in the gaps when other Peer Advisors cannot participate and represent the PAVE Team, which he has done an outstanding job with at athletic events and orientations. He is reliable, which is a trait that a PAVE Team Leader appreciates. Jared is the epitome of the University of the Incarnate Word’s core values: Education, Truth, Faith, Service, and Innovation.”

From Jared Morgan: “I believe the work I perform as a Peer Advisor is enhancing the transition from service or other institutions for my fellow student veterans in attendance at UIW. My position as a Peer Advisor is to be available 24/7 to provide the student veterans assistance in various aspects necessary to be successful in their college careers. Being a Peer Advisor also gives you the opportunity to learn from other student veterans in gaining knowledge that you have not previously possessed. The role itself is to promote trust and empathy amongst one another. Building a mutual relationship with your peers forms an infrastructure that is unbreakable. My favorite part about being a Peer Advisor is assisting veterans around campus, conversing with them, and being someone they can always lean on when times are hard. In addition, when the mutual bond is cemented between you and the student veteran, you too as a Peer Advisor have someone you can contact if times seem uncertain.”