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October 2022 Team Leader of the Month: Anthony Alessio, Bowling Green State University

Image of Bowling Green State University Team Leader, Anthony Alessio

From Jason Graven, Military Program Coordinator, Bowling Green State University: “This student has been instrumental in training our new team of Peer Advisors. When Anthony joined us we were restarting our program after COVID and he naturally took charge of that group in just his 2nd semester. The others that started with him did not continue on with the program and we hired a new group with half now deployed and the other half not continuing, so since his start, we are on our third team where he is the only constant variable from one team to the next.” 

“Anthony’s knowledge of the program and how he has implemented it has been vital in assisting myself in ensuring these new teams understand their roles and why the success of the PAVE program is vital not only for the student’s success in college but because social connection saves lives in the veteran community. The current BGSU PAVE program would not be what it is today without the efforts of Anthony.”

From Anthony Alessio: “I am most proud of my team and how we’re contributing to change on this campus, such as coming up with new ideas and ways that we can make campus more like a home for military affiliated students, letting them know that we are here for them every step of the way, and making the transitions for military affiliated students just a little bit easier. My favorite part about being a Team Leader is I get to explore my capabilities as a leader. I get to be a part of a wonderful team that makes every day better than the last. I love being able to lead but also follow too. I like being able to share the role with my team and have them also teach each other and learn from each other. I like being able to make sure that everyone gets a chance to have a voice and use it to discover their abilities as well. I love being able to cheer my team on and encourage them to continue to grow.”