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March 2023 Peer Advisor of the Month: Megan Missler, Bowling Green State University

Megan Missler

From Anthony Alessio, Team Leader, Bowling Green State University: “Megan has been in the role of both Peer Advisor and Team Leader. Once Megan was assigned students, she reached out, making good connections with all of them. With Megan’s encouragement, several students have visited the military student office. After having been trained in the Team Leader position, she quickly became adept in the role, making sure all the logs were taken care of in a timely manner. Megan is prepared to help with the Team Leader position should the moment arise. She has a great attitude about the position, is supportive of her fellow team-members, and is invaluable to our team. Megan is a full time student and in the Ohio Army National Guard. Megan’s leadership and dedication to helping peers is deserving of recognition and sets an excellent example for the program.”

From Megan Missler: “My work as a Peer Advisor created a community not only for our new students at BGSU, but for previous PAVE students and advisors as well. The friendships created within our program are going to last a lifetime and are extremely beneficial to learn and lean on each other. My favorite part of being a Peer Advisor is that it is not only benefiting my peers but myself as well. I am not only sharing my knowledge of college, but I am learning as well. I am creating friendships through my fellow Peer Advisors as well as through my students. At BGSU we create a community within our PAVE program where we support and lean on each other.”