January 2024 Peer Advisor of the Month: Ray Sullivan, Oregon State University

Man standing in front of an SVA background

From Daniel Cox, Team Leader, Oregon State University: “Ray’s exceptional grasp of the numerous resources available to our student body has positioned him as the go-to expert among our PAVE team. His peers consistently seek his knowledge and advice and he continues to make his time available to any who needs it. His devoted efforts in constructing a responsive and successful veteran student body directly align with our PAVE long-term strategy. By volunteering his own time Ray has created a welcoming atmosphere for our monthly game nights during which time he successfully interweaves pragmatic information, such as successfully navigating our scholarship portal. Ray’s investment in Oregon State’s veteran student body cannot be understated and he would be a worthy recipient of this award.”

From Ray Sullivan: “I think PAVE helps veteran students because it’s often hard for us to relate to the typical student experience. By bringing us together and remaining a team, we are fighting for our growth together. My favorite part of being a Peer Advisor is the ability to meet and help new veterans. I love education, and bringing more individuals into the fold is something I appreciate deeply.”