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March 2024 Team Leader of the Month: LaQuaysha Rockette, Johnson County Community College

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From Gerardo Ruiz, Veteran Services Coordinator, Johnson County Community College: “Over the past year and a half, LaQuaysha has seamlessly assumed the role of Team Leader, becoming an indispensable cornerstone of our PAVE team. Her dedication and initiative shine through in every aspect of her work, from meticulously inputting students’ information into the PAVE portal system to adeptly assigning teams and reviewing logs. However, LaQuaysha’s contribution extends far beyond administrative tasks. One of her most transformative ideas has been the creation of personalized postcards, a simple yet remarkably effective tool for fostering connections within our PAVE cohort. By empowering PAVE Advisors to craft heartfelt messages to their cohort at the outset of each semester, LaQuaysha has catalyzed a significant increase in interactions and meaningful engagements. Her forward-thinking approach and unwavering dedication have undoubtedly elevated the success and effectiveness of our PAVE team.”

From LaQuaysha Rockette: “Since becoming a Team Leader, I’m proud of how we’ve found new, innovative ways to help military students and their families. We’ve organized events on and off campus, bringing everyone together and making them feel included. Witnessing students actively engage with our PAVE program and seeing their progress towards their goals, whether finding jobs or graduation. That fills me with pride and reinforces the importance of our work. My favorite thing about being a Team Leader is being able to assist other dependents, like me and those who have and are currently serving. I have been a part of this program since 2018, and it’s something I really enjoy. I also enjoy helping veterans and learning about their experiences in the military and how they transition into civilian life. It’s rewarding to see how they grow and succeed, knowing that our support makes a difference. ”