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February 2019 Team Leader of the Month: Dan Krause, Purdue University

Photo of Dan Krause Dan Krause of Purdue University is our Team Leader of the Month! Dan proudly served in the United States Army for 8 years as an infantryman specializing in long distance reconnaissance prior to his time at Purdue. Now Dan is majoring in social studies education and minoring in both English and history. He’s also become an integral part of Purdue’s PAVE Team. Dan will be graduating in December and hopes to attend graduate school at Purdue with the goal of eventually being an instructor at a community college.

“Dan goes above and beyond to ensure that our Peer Advisors are inputting information, that they are informed of resources, and creating innovative events,” says Jamie Richards, Purdue’s Veteran Services Coordinator. “He is a wealth of knowledge and as our other TL is graduating and busy with projects, Dan is keeping the flame going.”

The appeal to help veterans transition from service member to student is what drew Dan to PAVE in the first place and spurred him to assist his fellow Boilermakers in making sure the usual pains associated with transition were as minimal as possible.

“I had a very poor transition from my military service into become a student,” he said. “When I heard there was a program that would help veterans transition, I started asking questions and found a way to help.”

And for all that he has done, Dan is quick to give credit to his team and all those who have contributed to the multiple successes of PAVE at Purdue. Dan, thanks for all you’ve done and keep up the great work!