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Highlights from ’18-19 Academic Year

PAVE had another outstanding school year! Some highlights include:

Infographic displaying the following info: PAVE in Numbers (Academic Year 2018-19); 37 partner campuses; 259 Peer Advisors and Team Leaders Trained; 4,569 Student Veterans Contacted; Top concerns: Academic, benefits/claims, financial, relationships & mental health

Individuals on from partner campus teams shared some thoughts on the value the program has provided the student veterans at their schools in the annual End of School Year Survey:

“PAVE has helped at risk students connect with peers who assisted them in pushing through the semester, despite personal obstacles that would have made them withdraw.”
–Veteran Services Coordinator

“PAVE is a great peer matching program and new student veterans benefit from having a supportive friend that has been through the transition to their school. Peer Advisors can be a great resource for new student veterans as they learn campus culture and enter a new community. PAVE can help new student veterans to feel welcome on campus and part of the student community, instead of feeling like an outsider and alone.” –Team Leader

“I think the PAVE program offers a direct line of communication to student veterans. Most veterans are not the greatest at seeking out help if they need it and having a Peer Advisor contact them directly and in a personal manner makes it easier to open a line of communication with them and get them help before it becomes a crisis.” –Peer Advisor

Thank you to all of our partner campuses across the country for continuing to do excellent work in service to their student veterans!