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October 2019 Peer Advisor of the Month: Zack Aggen, University of South Alabama

Photo of Zack AggenFrom Joshua Missouri, Veteran Services Coordinator: “Although in military circles, it’s commonly said that someone goes above and beyond their call, Zack Aggen has gone above and beyond and does so consistently. Before we loaded this year’s new students into the portal, Zack offered himself, his time, energy and expertise to tutor students in chemistry and to serve as a campus resource and linkage to the medical school, where he has linked to even more med school veterans in the hopes of bringing others in so that they can reach back and help another vet realize success. His actions are indicative of his desire to serve others as he maintains his bonds to brotherhood in service.”

From Zack Aggen: “The enormous amount of outreach and networking we’ve been able to accomplish so far is impressive. We are building connections so that others don’t face the same hurdles I did. So far my favorite part of being a PAVE Advisor has been connecting with fellow veterans.”