September 2020 Peer Advisor of the Month: Dan Nyagol, University of Oklahoma

Photo of Dan NyagolFrom Brooke Pemberton, Team Leader at OU: “Dan was able to customize his emails and get an overwhelming response back from almost every single one of his 16 assigned student veterans. Not all of them were in depth conversations, but they know he is there as a resource!”

From Dan Nyagol: “One of the things that makes me proud to be a part of this team is the interpersonal relationships we have fostered among each other. Most teams I have worked with (especially in a setting like this) tend to throw the participants to the wolves, with a go-out-there-and-do-work kind of attitude. This is not the case with PAVE at OU. We talk with each other about issues we encounter and for help in getting our veterans connected with resources on and around campus. That ability to lean on each other and have faith and confidence that my team members have my back has a spill over effect to the veterans assigned to us.”