October 2020 Team Leader of the Month: Dan Rubio, Syracuse University

Photo of Dan RubioFrom Lauren Pyland, Operations Manager in the Office of Veteran and Military Affairs: “Dan Rubio serves as the Team Leader for PAVE at Syracuse University. He took over from a long time PAVE Team Leader during a pandemic and has successfully managed the program despite the challenges that this semester brings. Dan is always ready and willing to help his peers, which makes him the perfect fit for the role of TL. On top of his roles as a student in a competitive major and as the TL, Dan serves on the Student Veteran Organization executive board as the Public Affairs Officer, works on campus, and is a father and spouse to an active duty soldier. Dan’s wife, Grace, is stationed at Ft. Drum, NY, over an hour’s drive from Syracuse. Dan spends his week days on campus studying and juggling his responsibilities both here as well as with his family from afar. Despite the many obligations he has, Dan handles these all with ease and is always ready at the drop of a hat to help a peer veteran in need.”

From Dan Rubio: “I’m proud that my team was still able to assist new veteran students during their transition into not only their first semester at Syracuse University, but into a college environment during a pandemic. Proud that my advisors would take the time to travel to campus just to give their peers tours of the campus and the veteran resource center. My favorite part of being a Team Leader is being able to meet so many different types of veterans. Everyone has different experiences, served in different branches, come from different areas, and look towards different futures. It’s all very interesting to me and I’m glad I can be a part of their journey.”