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October 2020 Peer Advisor of the Month: Chase Kirk, Bowling Green State University

Photo of Chase KirkFrom Jason Graven, Military Program Coordinator: “Chase has been able to diagnose several benefit issues, including one dependent student who had yet to receive a state issued scholarship for dependents of several disabled or KIA veterans known as the Ohio War Orphans Scholarship program. He relayed the issue to me and we were able to contact the appropriate individuals on campus who were able to identify the problem and issue the scholarship, all within 10 minutes of the initial introduction. It was Chase’s third PAVE call he had ever made and we have been able to use this example as a tool to discuss the importance of having relevant conversations that put the new student in a comfortable position to discuss their issues and trust that the Peer Advisor CAN help them.”

From Chase Kirk: “I feel that my work helps provide our military-affiliated students an ally as they navigate through their first few semesters here at our school. Especially considering the transition from service to student that they face, they just need someone there who can help guide them along on their journey of getting a higher education. My favorite part of being a Peer Advisor is being able to help fellow students make it past the initial step into becoming a student. It feels very great to help others in the same way I was helped.”