January 2023 Peer Advisor of the Month: Steven Do, University of Texas at Dallas

Image of Steven Do, a Peer Advisor from the University of Texas at Dallas

From Lisa Adams, Military and Veteran Center Director, University of Texas at Dallas: “This is Steven’s first semester as a Peer Advisor. He was enthused about serving in this role and the opportunity to learn about resources. This semester he was assigned six students. He consistently completed outreaches each month with his peers, logging 66 total outreaches (11 per peer). He also has significant interactions with four of his peers. An outcome from his interaction is that one applied to serve as a Peer Advisor next semester! Steven works full-time, currently serves in the Texas National Guard, and attends school part-time, yet he is visible in the Military and Veteran Center meeting with his assigned students. Steven has been consistent and committed to serving his peers. He has competing priorities, as many student veterans do, yet he has given his assigned peers a wealth of information through his outreach and helped connect them to UTD and their academic track by his interactions. He set the standard in service as a Peer Advisor.”

From Steven Do: “My work as a Peer Advisor is very helpful to my fellow student veterans. There seems to be a lot of hidden information that only a select few seem to know. Fortunately, I can be the bridge to that gap or at least get them in the right direction. My favorite part as a Peer Advisor is being able to assist people in whatever way I can, while being able to socialize/network with like-minded people. Any information I get from the PAVE program I apply directly to my soldiers that are currently in school. Plus, who doesn’t like free stuff?!”