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February 2023 Peer Advisor of the Month: Alyssa Lunsford, University of Michigan – Flint

Image of UM-Flint Peer Advisor, Alyssa Lunsford

From Helen Budd: “Alyssa heard about the PAVE program from our Team Leader Lily and was eager to step up and assist her veteran peers in the nursing program in particular. Alyssa has been part of our campus community for over a year so she understands what it is like to go through the tough nursing prerequisite classes and proceed to the main program. Through her experience, she is able to reach out to other nursing student veterans who are now going through the challenges that she has already overcome. Alyssa is a definite asset to our PAVE team at UM-Flint.”

From Alyssa Lunsford: “In working as a Peer Advisor, I have been able to help others even in the simplest of forms to navigate their journey through college. As someone who started college later in life while also juggling a family, I know how difficult it is to find a balance. As a Peer Advisor, I get the opportunity to help others find ways to be successful in their college career while also making time for their family. In addition, I have shared valuable information about resources that are available to students that they may not have previously been aware of. Also, I have provided a space free of judgment to talk about the struggles of being a college student and managing life in general. The best part of being a Peer Advisor is getting the opportunity to meet and connect with other veteran students that are going through similar experiences that I have had or am currently having. Most importantly, I have gained some friendships along the way.”