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February 2023 Co-Team Leader of the Month: Lily Tendero, University of Michigan – Flint

Image of UM-Flint Team Leader, Lily Tendero

From Helen Budd: “Lily is always diligent about reaching out to her advisees and logs them promptly. One of her advisees from the fall term is continuing to reach out to her, which is impressive considering the overall interaction is still fairly low. This indicates that Lily has made a great connection with her advisee. She is very intuitive to the needs of her advisees. Also, Lily is leading the GroupMe communication group with the other U-M-Flint team leaders, and she always has great ideas for activities and ways to improve our outreach efforts on campus. She is definitely an asset to the team!”

From Lily Tendero: “I am definitely proudest of our consistency in reaching out to our student veterans. Building trust takes time, and we have proven to be a patient team. We try our hardest to show up, because each veteran holds their own unique story, and we want them to know that no matter our differences, we’ve got your back. Being a Team Leader pushes me to step out of my comfort zone and make new connections every single semester, which has become a great blessing in my life! I love being able to help my fellow veterans accomplish their goals, one day at a time.”