April 2023 Peer Advisor of the Month: Raynee Mendez, Johnson County Community College

Image of Raynee Mendez, a Peer Advisor for Johnson County Community College

From Gerardo Ruiz, Veteran Services Coordinator, Johnson County Community College: “Raynee is fairly new to PAVE but has been doing an outstanding job throughout the semester. He completes his outreach to students in a timely manner. He currently leads our PAVE team in outreach and interactions. He is also very involved in our events and SVA meetings and continues to support our veteran and military-affiliated students. Raynee has demonstrated that he is willing to go above and beyond our Peer Advisor standards. He also currently works in our school’s IT department where he assists students with any technical issues.”

From Raynee Mendez: “As a Peer Advisor, I am honored to assist individuals with military backgrounds in transitioning to the academic setting and shaping them into successful students. Having experienced the challenges of returning to school after 12 years, I empathize with the struggles that new students face. By offering personalized guidance and support, I am able to equip my fellow student veterans with the tools and resources they need to thrive in their academic pursuits and cultivate a fulfilling college experience. Personally, I derive immense satisfaction from providing guidance to individuals who share similar experiences to my own. Assisting fellow student veterans in navigating the challenges of transitioning back into the academic setting is a fulfilling experience that imbues my role as a Peer Advisor with a sense of purpose. I recall fondly the support and guidance that my own Peer Advisor, Dusty, provided me when I first enrolled here at Johnson County Community College. The welcoming and empathetic environment cultivated by him and other Peer Advisors felt like a family, and I strive to create a similarly supportive atmosphere for others as they embark on their academic journeys.”