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April 2023 Team Leader of the Month: Jacob Ortolani, University of Texas at Dallas

Image of Jacob Ortolani, a Team Leader at the University of Texas at Dallas.

From Dr. Lisa Adams, Military & Veteran Center Director, University of Texas at Dallas: “Jacob is in his third (and final) semester as the UT Dallas Team Leader. He effortlessly engages with students and Peer Advisors when he works at the Military and Veteran Center. He is diligent with reviewing all interaction and outreach logs. Our monthly training sessions for Peer Advisors have included multiple guests and field trips which he has helped coordinate. He has delivered information and assistance to his assigned students the past three semesters. He is a great example of serving others, whether in his Reserve unit or with the PAVE program. He understands the purpose for the work and folds in other students along the way.”

From Jacob Ortolani: “I’m proud of the consistent effort and success we’ve created with our team in reaching out to new students and providing timely and informative responses. My favorite part about being a Team Leader is interacting with veterans and giving lessons learned or tips and tricks to make the most out of your college experience and utilize military benefits to the fullest.“